Version 2

Our Vision

Share the love of traveling.  Bring people together.  Learn new ideas.  Strengthen family bonds.  Build upon skills.  Open our hearts.

Our Story

The idea was born the moment I wanted to go on vacation and my triathlete spouse needed to stay home to train.  I knew we were not alone.  We had to find a place and group of people we could share the experience with.  Him to have a place to workout and friends to do it with and at the same time have a group that was just for me to have fun with.  Once the training was done for the day, my spouse and I could vacation how we wanted.

The idea expanded as we hosted more students from other countries to take people with us to learn new cultures.

Another expansion came in the form of the ever required Girls Trip!  I didn't want just another run of the mill girlfriends get away.  I wanted to give these wonderful ladies a retreat where they can learn about themselves and take home positive life changes.

Meet the Team

World travelers.  Parents.  Business owners.  Runners.  Loving life.

Yes, we want to show you that it's possible!


Jenny "Red Ponytail"


Jenny wants to share her love of life, languages, culture and fitness.  She wants to share how you can take a vacation and do these things.  Traveling with kids or without.  Let’s go on an adventure!

Version 2


Multiple Ironman Finisher

Athlete Coordinator

College swimmer turned triathlete. Kevin likes to work with other triathletes doing group trainings.  Kevin works on training plans and likes to keep track of progress and growth.  He shares his knowledge and camaraderie with other athletes to make workouts fun while providing a little push.

Next Steps...

Let us know if you'd like to be with us on our next adventure