Love Life Retreat

Women's retreat to find inner love and happiness.  Relax, unwind, refresh and rejuvenate.

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Triathlete training combined with family vacation

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Culture experience

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Version 3

Love Your Life Retreat

I’ve designed a very special experience for women in need of a rejuvenation.  In this unique relaxation retreat, you’ll join other women adventurers to bring out the joy that’s tucked under the surface of every day life moments.  It’s a way to be in the world that invites you to slow down so your heart has a chance to take in what’s important to her.

When you go home, you’ll have a lifetime of inspiration and insights.  Better yet, you’ll have a way to be in the world that allows you to make the time and space you so desperately crave.


Our retreats are designed for you to learn more while having fun and getting time to relax.  Our goal is for you to make wonderful lasting memories.


Join us in February on the Love Life Retreat

Ready to relax, unwind, refresh and rejuvenate?  Join un in February and get away from the snow while getting in touch with your inner adventurer!

2019 retreat registration is closed.  Hope you can join us in 2020!