Career Coaching

Seeking direction?  Trouble with co-workers?  Boss?  Looking to change direction?

I help business professionals get clear on their goals, work harmoniously with colleagues, and dissolve hidden personal blocks that have been obstacles to a fulfilling career.

Life Coaching

Facing challenges?  Feeling uncomfortable with life?  Want something more but don't know what it is?

I can help you find your inner strength, show you what's possible and find what most fulfills you in a positive and healthy way.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Not making enough income?  Need to find more clients?  Trouble balancing duties?

As an entrepreneur for most of my working life, I know the unique challenges we face.  Let me help you increase your income, remove doubts, and find a harmonious balance to work and life.


Struggling with money issues?

Whether you are in business for yourself, working for someone else or in-between jobs working with a coach can open you up to receiving more and having a better grasp on your finances.

Seeking direction?

Be it in business or your personal life working with a coach can help you find what fulfills you and gives you a good work/life balance.


Let's get started...