Love Life Retreat

Women's retreat to refresh the mind and body.

Triathlete training combined with family vacation

Yes. it's possible!  Stay tuned for an upcoming adventure!

Culture experience

Love to learn languages or discover more about a culture?  Stay tuned for the next adventure!


My name is Jenny "Red Ponytail" and I will be your hostess and coach on the Love Life Retreat.  We will focus on ways you can love your life even more than you do today.  We're going to take happy people and make them happier.  We'll take stressed people and show them how to get back into control.  We've got something for everyone!

We will take a journey inside.  Do you know what it takes to love your life?  What does every human being want more than anything else?  How can we build better relationships?  How can we find more joy and happiness?  We will explore these questions and more in our group sessions.

We will also have opportunities to practice yoga and meditation.  Even if you've never done it before, we will guide you and help you have a great experience.

While on the retreat you will love the way you feel about yourself, your friends, your family and your life!  Then you'll bring that back home and share the rejuvenated you!

Get more from your travels


Your adventure with us will be fun, relaxing, and all the things you want in a great vacation but also interesting.  Whether it's learning a language, discovering a culture, getting to know and love yourself, or even training for a triathlon - your vacation will give you that special extra something that will turn a trip into an amazing experience!

Best of all we love to build memories with our loved ones and want the same for you.  We love the saying, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  Sharing moments like this with our loved ones, family and friends, are what it's all about.